The Classic Bolognese Ragù according to the 'Accademia Italiana della Cucina'.

"With a solemn decree of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina – the Italian Academy of Cuisine, the present was notarized and deposited in the Palazzo della Mercanzia, the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Bologna on the 17th of October 1982."


300 gr. beef cartella (thin skirt) [what is meant here is ground skirt steak, substitute with what's available].
150 gr. pancetta, dried [you could substitute diced prosciutto, salt pork or slab bacon]
50 gr. carrot
50 gr. celery stalk
50 gr. onion
5 spoons tomato sauce or 20 gr. triple tomato extract [or use tomato paste]
1 cup whole milk [I use half & half]
Half cup white or red wine, dry and not frizzante [not sparkling]
Salt and pepper, to taste.[freshly ground please!]
[Don't forget freshly grated parmigiano cheese].


The pancetta, cut into little cubes and chopped with a mezzaluna chopping knife, is melted in a saucepan; the vegetables, once again well chopped with the mezzaluna, are then added and everything is left to stew softly. Next the ground beef is added and is left on the stovetop, while being stirred constantly, until it sputters. The wine and the tomato cut with a little broth are added and everything left to simmer for around two hours, adding little by little the milk and adjusting the salt and black pepper. Optional but advisable is the addition of the panna di cottura of a litre of whole milk [this is a liter of milk reduced by half by simmering it, ] at the end of the cooking.

[You should serve this on fresh-made tagliatelle or fettuccine or use store bought fresh pasta like Putney Pasta brand].

Adapted from:
[quotes in brackets mine].

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  1. I made this last night, I had some ground bison to cook & couldn't think of a better dish.

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